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Will hope upward thrust from ashes? Extra atrocities in Myanmar

SAGAING, Myanmar – On Tuesday, junta forces kidnapped and slaughtered eleven unarmed individuals, including teenagers, in a village in Sagaing Region shortly before neighbors discovered the smoldering remnants of their burnt bodies.

According to local media, at around 11 a.m., 100 soldiers stormed Done Taw in Salingyi Township after guerrilla militants blew explosives in an attack on a military convoy passing by.

Villagers discovered the 11 victims’ badly charred bodies in a heap, some with their hands tied, prompting many to believe they had been burned alive.

“The victims were taking shelter in a makeshift hut while running away from the military raiding their village,” stated someone who is assisting in their funerals. “The soldiers found them, beat them up, and burned them.”

There were no eyewitnesses to the occurrence, and the media could not immediately verify the specific circumstances of their deaths.

Locals captured a video depicting many burnt male bodies laying in various positions in a mound of ashes, with smoke still coming from what appeared to be a hut.

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