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San Francisco citizens recall district legal professional because of crime issues

SAN FRANCISCO, California: In a closely watched test of frustrations over rising crime and gun violence in the U.S., San Francisco voters recalled the city’s district attorney, Chesa Boudin, a progressive Democrat who instituted controversial criminal justice reforms.

A multimillion-dollar recall campaign against Boudin was launched by residents who claim San Francisco has become an increasingly unsafe place to live.

According to Edison Research, which projected the recall, with 80 percent of the estimated votes counted in the liberal enclave, 60 percent of ballots were in support of removing Boudin from office, while 40 percent voted to retain him.

With national polls showing Americans increasingly worried about violent crime, the election has ramifications beyond San Francisco.

Following the vote, Democratic President Joe Biden addressed the California results, telling reporters that cities should use federal funds to put more officers on the streets.

“The voters sent a clear message last night. Both parties have to step up and do something about crime, as well as gun violence,” he said.

Biden called on states and localities to spend billions of dollars allocated “to hire police officers and reform the police departments.”

“Very few have done it. In addition to that, I sent Congress a request for $300 million in this year’s budget to deal with hiring costs,” he said.

Boudin, who was elected district attorney in San Francisco in 2019, pledged to institute criminal justice reforms that kept low-level offenders from jail and prevented juveniles from facing long prison terms.

His critics blame those policies for a rise in violent crimes, such as murders, shootings and property crimes, as well as an in hate crimes against Asian-Americans.

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The recall is the second this year in San Francisco. In February, voters ousted three members of the city’s school board over policies that some voters thought were too progressive.

Mayor London Breed, a Democrat, will choose Boudin’s replacement.