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Nicaragua will get 1 million vaccines from China after smash from Taiwan

MANAGUA, Nicaragua: One million Chinese vaccines were delivered to Nicaragua following the country’s severing relations with Taiwan.

In Nicaragua, the national media televised a report showing an Air China flight arriving with an initial 200,000 Sinopharm vaccine doses.

Nicaraguan spokespersons expressed their gratitude for the restoration of ties with China.

“We have come back with this great news that we have brought this donation of one million vaccine doses to the Nicaraguan people,” said Laureano Ortega Murillo, son of President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega.

To date, only 38 percent of the adult population in Nicaragua has received the complete vaccine dosage, though 67 percent had been administered the first Covid vaccine dose.

Taiwanese authorities were reportedly taken aback at Nicaragua forgoing diplomatic relations with China.

Taiwan had been Nicaragua’s crucial trading partner. However, Ortega recently said that Taiwan was an inherent part of China.

China views Taiwan as a province that seceded from it and warns of forced reunification in the near future.
Nevertheless, Taiwan promotes its democratic system of government and that it is an independent nation, though it has no formal declaration of independence from the mainland.

“No amount of external pressure can shake our commitment to freedom, human rights, the rule of law and to partnering with the international democratic community as a force for good,” Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen stated, following the step taken by Nicaragua.

Beijing maintains that nations seeking diplomatic ties with it should relinquish relations with Taipei.

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