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Misplaced wedding ceremony pictures discovered 140 miles away after Kentucky twister

MAYFIELD, Kentucky: A Kentucky woman has been reunited with her wedding pictures, which were found 140 miles from her home following last week’s devastating tornados.

Kentucky was particularly hard hit, with more than 70 people dead.

Following the tornados, those on social media in Kentucky worked to reunite people with their missing items, from photographs to bibles and quilts.

Michaela Copeland reported that she kept her wedding photographs at her in-laws home in Mayfield, Kentucky, which was one of the most severely hit cities.

Her in-laws’ home suffered much damage and Copeland’s wedding photos were among the items that flew out of the house.

“The photos mean the world to me, as it pictures one of the best days of my life,” she told the BBC.

Within days of the tornado, Copeland was notified by a number of people who had found her photos, as far as 140 miles away. Some people contacted her after spotting the images of the wedding in the “Quad State Tornado Found Items” Facebook group.

Copeland learned that her photos had been found in three different locations – with one picked up in Breckinridge County, some 140 miles away.

“When I found out and was tagged in each photo that was found, I got chills down my spine and thought it was so bizarre. Finding one is one thing but three is crazy,” she said, as reported by the BBC.

Pamela Compton posted Copeland’s wedding photo online after it was found on their farm in Breckinridge County.

“My husband was on the four-wheeler checking to make sure our cattle were alright, and he said the photo was laying face down along with siding from homes and pieces of some heavy metal from objects that had been blown and carried by the tornado,” Compton told the BBC.

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Compton posted the photo in the Quad State Tornado Found Items group on Facebook, to try and find the owner.

“I never expected to find the young lady in the photo,” Ms Compton said. “I knew their heart had to be so heavy from the grief and pain of all the devastation. I never gave up on finding her.”

The photo has since been sent to Copeland, however the town’s post office was also struck by the tornado.

“We’ll see how long it takes to get here. All three of the photos are headed to Mayfield at some time or another,” Copeland said.

The Facebook group has also reunited people from Kentucky with animals, trophies and even boats.