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Instagram Captions That Perfectly Sum Up Your Friendship With Your BFF

30 + Best Captions For Your BFF To Show Some Love


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 for ways to wish your BFF with the best Instagram captions for girls as we know, she might be most active on this platform. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of super-cute best friend captions which you use to greet and show her some love on Instagram and share it with the world! 

Captions For Your BFF

  1. Your vibe attracts your tribe.
  2. A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.
  3. Just remember, if we get caught, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.
  4. You don’t have to be crazy to be my friend. I’ll train you.
  5. We go together for coffee and donuts.
  6. Waters may dry. Flowers may die. But true friends never say goodbye.
  7. A best friend like you is like a four-leafed clover: hard to find and lucky to have.
  8. The ‘she’ to my ‘Lanigan’s.
  9. We go well together- like cupcakes and frosting.
  10. God made us best friends because He knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters.
  11.  Best friend? Nah. She’s my sister.
  12. Real queens fix each other’s crowns.
  13. Friends come and go like waves of the ocean, but the true ones stick like an octopus on your face.
  14. I like you because you join in on my weirdness.
  15. Frankly, I can’t imagine not being around someone as amazing as you.
  16. Good Times + You & Me = Great Memories!
  17. You are my best friend, my human diary, and my other half. You mean the world to me and I Love You Bestie!
  18. We all have that one friend who never learned how to whisper.
  19. When it hurts to look back and you’re afraid to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there.
  20. Life is too short to be serious all the time. So, if you can’t laugh at yourself, call me- I’ll laugh at you.
  21. Friends who slay together, stay together.
  22. Friends knock on the door. Best friends walk into your house and start eating.
  23. We will always be best friends until we are old and senile. Then we can be new friends.
  24. Best friends don’t care if your house is clean. They care if you have wine.
  25. Grow old with your BFF so you can race in wheelchairs and fight each other with canes.
  26. They say don’t try this at home. So I went to my friend’s home!
  27. I love that I don’t have to act socially acceptable around you.
  28. Be with those who bring out the best in you, not the stress in you.
  29. Yes, we are aware of how troublesome we are together. And no, we don’t care.
  30. It’s the friends that you can call at 4 a.m. that matter!
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Slay with these crazy BFF captions to impress her and make your bestie feel special. We’re sure, the moment your best friend gets to see this, it will bring a big smile to her face. 

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