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Even animals now not spared by way of junta squaddies in Myanmar

SAGAING, Myanmar – According to the local residents, soldiers have torched roughly 20 houses and two barns in communities in the south of Sagaing Region’s Kalay Township in recent days.

On Wednesday morning, they set fire ten homes in the village of Lel Char in an apparent attempt to destroy locations where they assumed members of the People’s Defence Force (PDF) were being housed, according to a local.

Locals in Yaeshin stated the soldiers ransacked the homes and slaughtered and ate the cattle of the people.

On November 28, soldiers burned five cottages in Yaeshin that functioned as shelters for people after detaining the huts’ three owners and taking their supplies, according to locals.

“They not only got their properties torched but also had to send their belongings to them. It’s not humane,” a village resident said.

Yaeshin village includes about 300 houses and over 1,000 residents, many of whom have fled in fear of further military aggression.

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