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Christmas Eve bloodbath in Kayan State in Myanmar

KAYAH State, Myanmar – After Myanmar government troops rounded up villagers on Saturday, two members of the international humanitarian organization Save the Children went missing.

According to a witness and other sources, among more than 30 dead, some are believed to be women and children who were shot and burned .

The accounts could not be verified independently. According to photographs on social media, over 30 individuals were burned to death in three vehicles.

The victims had escaped fighting between armed opposition groups and Myanmar’s army near Koi Ngan village, which is right beside Mo So, on Friday, according to a resident who said he rushed to the scene. He claimed they were killed after being apprehended by the military on their way to refugee camps in the township’s western parts.

Save the Children said two of its employees were “caught up in the incident and remain missing” while returning home for the holidays after completing humanitarian response work in a nearby town.

The group’s statement said, “We have confirmation that their private vehicle was attacked and burned out.”

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