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After Russian invasion, structures in Paris, Berlin display Ukraine colours

BERLIN, Germany: This week, Berlin lit up its most famous landmark, the Brandenburg Gate, in blue and yellow, the national colours of Ukraine, in a show of solidarity with Kyiv amidst the invasion by Russia.

Authorities in Paris also lit up City Hall, seat of the mayor and local administration, in the Ukrainian colours to show support.

The front line during the Cold War until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the German capital was sending a clear signal for a free and sovereign Ukraine, the German Government said.

“We are showing our solidarity with the people of Ukraine, the many Berliners with Ukrainian roots, but also with the many Russians who want peace in Russia and Ukraine,” said Berlin Mayor Franziska Giffey, as reported by Reuters.

“They all want nothing more than an end to the escalation and a peaceful settlement to this threatening conflict,” she added.

Moscow has been evacuating its Kyiv embassy staff, and Ukraine has declared a state of emergency and told its citizens to leave Russia.

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