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74-year-old shoots guy for strolling canine on Florida golfing route

MIAMI, Florida: A 74-year-old man has been arrested on charges of attempted murder after he allegedly shot another man for walking his dog on a golf course in Florida, police said.

Robert Levine, originally from New York and now living in Florida, has been charged with shooting Herbert Merritt, 64, at the Kings Point golf course in Delray Beach, even as other retirees living in the vicinity looked on in disbelief.

Police said that Levine was driving his golf cart when he spotted Merritt walking his dog near the course grounds.

Quickly driving up to Merritt, he began admonishing him and pulled out a black handgun, police said.

Merritt fled from the scene and tried to hide behind a tree on the course, even as Levine chased him on foot, shooting off several rounds from his gun.

On reaching the 15th hole, Merritt was struck in the ankle and went down. A resident witnessing the drama from a nearby balcony, called the police. He further told police officers that he saw Levine kick Merritt in the head at one point during the incident.

Another woman, who heard the gunfire near the rear of her residence, claimed she saw Levine firing at Merritt. She said that she saw Levine hitting Merritt with a club, while holding his firearm in his other hand.

Police found Levine standing over Merritt with four 9mm shell casings nearby.
Merritt was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said that they recovered a 9mm pistol from Levine, who was also hospitalized for a medical issue unrelated to the incident.

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